Design Project:

  1. Detailed briefing
  2. Several visits to the object to identify the space: inspection, measurements, analysis
  3. Agreements for proper stylistics based on references
  4. Create 3 different layouts
  5. Create a preliminary design project:
    1. “Sketch” visualizations (2 examples for each room)
    2. Full dome interactive 3D-visualization
    3. Editing project based on feedback
  6. Create final visualizations
  7. Album of working drawings
  8. Specification for furniture and components (specifying the manufacturer)

 Price: 20$/m²

Additional options:

Author’s supervision: architects take 4 visits to the object (no time limits); provide consultations for  clients and contractors

Interior furnishing: for the search and purchase of materials is a special purchasing manager responsible. All negotiations with suppliers about terms, discounts and logistics are closed by this specialist. He prepares all estimates of the budget and takes responsibility for deadlines. An architect is assigned to each project. He is responsible for the timing and implementation.

Full Supervision:

We implement a ready-made design project: we carry out construction work, purchase materials, install components and hand over the finished project.

The project team:
– Personal project manager
– Architect
– Logistics manager
– Building contractors
– Decorators and consultants
– Special consultants (smart house, audio systems, planting of greenery, fine art)

We believe that good service and a simple communication with customers are as important as the colors of the walls in the living room. We adhere the following principles:

    1. Each project is managed by a manager who manages all processes, including the work of a designer.
    2. Architects and designers are engaged only in the design process. The manager takes over the communication with contractors, leaving designers time for creativity.
    3. We cooperate only with proven construction contractors.
    4. We collaborate with key specialists (light, sound, decor, fine arts, security, smart house).
    5. We have a verified partner network. We have special purchase prices for building materials, furniture and decor.
    6. We work only on the basis of a contract within approved terms and budgets.