Interior design today has become an integral part of the arrangement of human surroundings. Someone wants to create a cozy interior for a child’s room, someone wants to create an original living room, someone wants to equip an office so that their colleagues feel comfortable at the workplace, and someone dreams of a chic interior in a classic style.

Some already have design ideas and are trying to independently realize them. Others turn to professionals to make an interior design for them that will be balanced, comfortable, and most importantly, unique. After all, the surrounding space and the person in it turn into a single organism, and the task of the interior designer is to make this organism whole.

What is interior design?

Modern apartment owners are increasingly asking the question – “What is interior design and why is it needed?”. Indeed, many want their dream home. However, either they don’t know how to realize their ideas, or they don’t even have ideas, but to turn to the designer “somehow they don’t get their hands.”

We live in a time when the design of the rooms surrounding us – an apartment, office, cafe on the corner of a neighboring house, a cottage in a hotel – is no longer just the ability to beautifully arrange objects in space, but a whole science with its own rules and laws, which is developing every day.

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Interior design is a whole system of measures that is aimed at arranging the space for any purpose. This is a time-consuming process, since the creation of a room project includes a lot of stages:

  • study of the layout of the room;
  • selection of suitable materials for finishing floors, walls, ceilings;
  • choice of color schemes;
  • choice of window frames and doors;
  • comfortable arrangement of light sources;
  • furnishing;
  • selection of decorative elements.

And this is just a small part of what lies on the shoulders of the designer. A competent specialist is able to turn the whole variety of paints, materials and objects into a single picture, where “sharp corners” will not catch the eye.

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Why do we need a design project?

Often people who think that the development of a competent design project is simple, seriously mistaken. Sometimes this work is hardly given even to an experienced professional. Interior design is a task that requires a creative approach and painstaking work. The designer should approach it with all responsibility, since, in addition to visual harmony and originality, the space should be correctly zoned and functional.


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That is why before starting work on the arrangement of the premises, it is necessary to carefully familiarize yourself with what interior design is, as well as to appropriately evaluate the ratio of your needs to the volume of work. This will make it possible to understand whether you can cope on your own, or whether it is better to resort to the help of professionals and order a turnkey work.


Why is it better to use the services of an interior design studio?


It is worth noting that ordering the services of specialists with extensive experience in this field and good expertise provides a lot of advantages:

  1. Cost savings. Paradoxical as it may seem. A correctly designed design project allows even at the development stage to rationally plan the costs of all necessary work and save significantly. And, of course, “time is money”. With independent planning, you will spend much more time and, probably, make mistakes that will entail unnecessary financial costs.
  2. An opportunity to see the future interior and make changes even before the start of work. When ordering the services of a design studio, you get not a drawing “on the knee”, but a full-fledged room project with a number of planning solutions, sketches, 3D visualization and a lot of important documentation. After making all the changes and approving the project, the work will be carried out in accordance with it. Agree, this is more appropriate than changing decisions on the go, when repairs are already in full swing.

Safety, functionality, ergonomics. In addition to the finished visual image, the design project also takes into account many technical aspects that an ordinary person may not know about. For example, ventilation and air conditioning schemes, power supply and lighting systems, proper redevelopment and zoning. Consideration and proper planning of these factors makes repairs the most efficient, and the operation of the premises – safe.

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Of course, not every design studio is able to provide all of the above services, and to do it efficiently. Therefore, you need to turn to trusted professionals with extensive experience and a good portfolio.


Benefits of Orb

Why out of the many interior design studios you should choose Orb?

  1. Experienced specialists. Orb already has many successful projects and a lot of positive reviews. One example in The Village.
  2. An individual approach to each interior. In the process of working on residential interiors, the team studies the lifestyle, interests and habits of the client. When working on commercial space – the tasks of the business and the professional characteristics of the people for whom the premises are being created.
  3. Ecological design. Orb is committed to creating healthy and balanced spaces. When developing a project, not only aesthetics are taken into account, but also environmental friendliness of decisions, both at the level of influence on humans and on the planetary.
  4. New technologies. In its work, the team uses modern design technologies: the method of designing information models Building Information Model (BIM), 3D-scanners for measuring rooms and much more.

Friendly and efficient communication. Orb is always on the client side. The guys think that simply communicating with customers is as important as the color of the walls in the living room.