Project for an owner of a IT company. Requirements: minimalism, maximum number of functions, light management via web application, intelligent heating systems and complete noise isolation.

Location: Kyiv
Area: 98 m²
Year: 2017





















A good interior does not accentuate itself. In this bedroom there is no standard set of furniture. The laconic design of this space emphasizes and highlights only living movements and important processes of the current moment.





Correctly designed proportions can change the perception of the room. Large black marble slabs, snow-white ceramics and bright, cold lighting create an unusual composition: a place for fast morning activation.



Functional design is perceived as “simple”. Glass, stainless steel, light and dark ceramics – a cleverly selected combination of materials for the bathroom, both in appearance and for use. All niches are neatly built and almost invisible. 









Space with minimalistic design looks very attractive: a lot of light, bright furniture, functional solutions. In general, the style of minimalism is characterized by spacious spaces with few furniture or other elements of the interior.