Ecological Minimalism

The design of this interior is elegant and honest. The landlady saw her house in the first place as a space that she could feel tactily. She often travels and leads an active lifestyle. Combining the qualities of an open and liberal person, she is also a successful entrepreneur. Natural materials were mostly used. Solid wood, micro cement with good acoustic characteristics, a large number of plants, linear patterns and terrazzo. In some areas, for example, in the bathroom and the nursery, the smooth atmosphere of the Balinese interior was created intentionally. A subtle note of futurism was achieved through large mirror surfaces and lighting. It harmoniously plays with modern furniture and a palette. In the living room we decided to abandon the TV and built a projector into the ceiling. The result is a simple, natural and bright space for everyone, who wants a comfortable stay.


Location: Moscow
Area: 127 m²
Year: 2017