The customer is a representative of the IT world. He spends a lot of time in the net and loves order. Therefore he wanted to see everything organized in a minimalist style. We created a project in which Japanese traditions and the principles of minimalism are synthesized. One of the important features of the project is that the accents were shifted towards a tactile sensation of gracefully aging wood and marble, as well as on the visual perception of sunlight. As a result, there was a space in which it seemed easier to breathe.

Location: Kyiv, Jack House
Area: 84 m2
Year: 2017

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An important role in the interior is sunlight. We focused on the shades and patterns. In the space there is a minimum of color combinations and light colors predominate. A lot of light wood and marble provides a feeling of serenity and freshness. Mainly used are beautiful and aging materials.


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We sought to hide objects, that are not used. The TV can be hidden. The sofa is recessed into the floor, imitating a minimalistic Japanese tradition of seating on mats. The window in the cabinet and the playing area changes position, hiding glares while working or playing. The floor construction in the bedroom is raised to “drown” the bed.


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