Apartment 88

The main objective of this project was to create a healthy space that is conducive to various conditions and sensations. Design biophilia is not limited to presence plants. In the house, where the decoration contains natural materials, living plants and natural patterns, a person can fully relax from the bustle of the city and quickly recover. Customers have a special vision for reuniting with nature. Abandoning everything unnatural, more emphasizing conciseness and simplicity, emphasizing space bionic forms of sculptures that bring home a special cosiness, we tried achieve the most comfortable and harmonious living environment. The color scheme includes mainly natural colors, among the materials were used natural stones, fabrics, clay, wood, metal and glass. For the bedroom the main wish was a bed on the podium without curbstones with minimal decoration, and also a glass partition through which plants from the bathroom would be visible, which enhances the relaxing effect, so necessary for a good sleep. The nursery became the most striking accent in our project. The bed is designed with mobile soft partition, which creates a feeling of protection for the child.