People spend 90% of their time in closed spaces. As a design studio we want to do everything that’s possible to ensure, that the quality of these spaces correspond to a rapidly changing world.

We take into account decision in favor for environmental friendliness at the level of individuals and the society. We study the context in depth: analyze a concrete lifestyle, main interests and key habits of the client. If we work on a commercial or social project, we explore professional characteristics and skills of those, who will work inside the business process and workplace.

On an ongoing basis we test and integrate the latest technologies into our work, whether it’s VR for demonstrating preliminary visualization for our client, a Building Information Model (BIM) for contractors or 3D photo scanners for measuring rooms.

We believe in honesty and cooperation. The name of the studio “Orb” is a metaphor for a balanced social body. We are trying to build honest relationships with each other and our customers, which is reflected in our business model. 

We strive to become a place where every talk about how we want (or not want) to see our common future will have a chance to be realized. We create the world, and then it creates us.